The Foundation of the Academy of Medicine (FAM) is a place for sharing and comparing knowledge between all those concerned by major public health issues, to whom it opens, in accordance with its own values and ethics, the doors to excellent medical and scientific knowledge.

It is because it is fully committed to the fight against the 3 major pandemics (AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria) that France, through the President of the Republic, wished to host the 6th Global Fund Replenishment Conference, of which it is one of the founders. The international community has pledged to end epidemics by 2030, to save 16 million lives by raising $14 billion. New threats – such as funding shortfalls or increased resistance to insecticides and drugs – have slowed progress and allowed diseases to regain ground.

The Global Fund now operates in more than 100 developing countries and represents 57% of global funding for malaria, 20% for HIV/AIDS and 65% for tuberculosis, enabling exceptional progress in access to treatment and prevention of epidemics.

The world conference, bringing together the best French and international specialists in these diseases will take place in Lyon on 10 October 2019.

38 donor countries will be represented at the highest level of expertise.

The Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine, in collaboration with the Global Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to be associated with this event through a call for projects for stratups and associations innovating in access to healthcare (in the fight against the three pandemics). The winners were selected by a very high level jury. The foundation gives them visibility and scientific and financial support. A prize will be awarded in 2020 to the 3 organizations that present the most innovative project to fight or raise awareness on its territory.

The FAM warmly thanks several projects that have been applied.



Gabonese mobile application for sending messages to women with HIV and preventing contamination. The NGO Femme Belle is a women’s association that has been created in 2014.

[email protected]www.ongfemmebelle +241 06 89 55 26


Digital pharmaceutical catalogue allowing you to quickly find the products you are looking for and the nearest pharmacy to obtain them in Ivory Coast.[email protected] − +225 58 59 47 20


Web/mobile platform connecting patients, doctors and clinics in Togo. It allows for prenatal and postnatal follow-up as well as for patients living with HIV.[email protected] − +228 93 21 84 60 mom_Togo

The other projects selected by the jury were:

THEA That Health again: a telemedicine platform connecting patients and doctors free of charge, also allowing prescription prescribing.

ACECI (International Community Ethics Consulting Agency): this agency wants to teach and make people produce by themselves plant-based mosquito repellents (catnip and artemisia-afra).

Santé plus: their Gambusia project aims to use larvivorous fish farming to limit the mosquito population and thus the spread of malaria.

Maia: the members of this structure develop mosquito repellent soap. More information here.

Thanks again to all the projects that have been applied, we look forward to seeing you in 2020 for the award ceremony!