Flu mask

Help us to protect the associative actors:

1 volunteer protected for 1 month = 100 euros (34 euros after IR deduction)

5 volunteers protected for 1 month = 500 euros (170 euros after deduction of IR)

10 volunteers protected for 1 month = 1,000 euros (340 euros after deduction of IR)


Want to make a larger donation? Questions about your donation?

Contact us at [email protected]

Millions of people, the first line of unprotected shadow, throughout France, come to help on the ground, in contact with the most destitute and precarious populations. Following the recommendations of the French Academy of Medicine, which advocates the wearing of masks for all, its foundation “the FAM” and the collective “Action Support France” are calling for donations to provide masks in large numbers for associations, their salaried and volunteer staff.

They are launching the “The Masks of the Heart” campaign and are calling for the generosity of all: French people from France and abroad, friends of France, francophones and francophiles, French and international companies.

Who are we?

The Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine, recognised as a public utility, participates, through health, in promoting the image of France in the world. The Foundation has four areas of action: sharing knowledge, access to healthcare, raising awareness and sheltering other foundations. With the support of its patrons, it organizes thematic debates and forums. It sets up calls for projects and training courses and assists associations in their development.

Action Support France is a voluntary collective, based in France and in China, composed of company managers, logisticians, lawyers, engineers… and which has already initiated and supported the arrival of masks in France for health personnel, local authorities as well as companies in strategic sectors of the economy with the help of many French people from China.

Press contact

Nicolas Merlet

+33 6 25 79 64 79

[email protected]

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