Medical cooperation between the FAM and India is important for many years. It begins in 2015 with a FAMx forum on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and new developments in cancer management. Followed in 2016 by the signature of a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in infectious diseases and cardiology with the aim of developing joint research projects and patient care, thena second FAMx forum on the management of traumatic emergencies, cardiology and infectious diseases.

It is in this rich historical context that it was decided to continue this cooperation by organizing training in emergency and disaster medicine in New Delhi, in partnership with AAIIMS India.

Thanks to our volunteer doctors, 40 emergency medicine specialists were trained on November 26, 27 & 28, 2019.

The FAM would like to thank in particular the following people for attending this training:

Adèle Martial, Prof. Adèle Martial-Gros (Deputy Counselor – Head for Higher Education, Science and Technology Cooperation), Sanjeev Bhoi (Advisor to the Minister of Health), Randeep Guleria (Director of AIIMS), Sinha Sanjeev (Director of International Relations), Pr Praveen Aggarwal (Praveen Aggarwal Professor & Head of Emergency Medicine AIIMS), Dr Sanjeev Bhoi (Department of Emergency Medicine AIIMS), Dr Prakash Ranjan Mishra (Department of Emergency Medicine AIMMS).

Thanks to Dr. Yves Juillet (ex-President of the Academy of Pharmacy, Academician and member of the FAM Strategic Committee) for his participation in the training.

The FAM is grateful to the institutions that helped it to carry out this training: AAIIMS India, the Organized Medicine Academic Guild, the EMA, the ACEE, and the Collaboration Center for Emergency and Trauma Care.

Above all, thanks a lot to our emergency doctor trainers without whom nothing would be possible. : Dr Stéphane Foucher, Dr Frédéric Chavet et Dr Christophe Chapuis.

With the patronage and active participation of the Airbus Foundation through the presence of Ralph Setz.

Thanks to Laurie Ceccan for her support.

Thanks to the Airbus India team for their organizational support: Gaurav Adhikari and Priya Sheth.

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