With the established relationships during the FAMx Forum in Rio de Janeiro in April 2014, the Foundation of the Academy of Medicine (FAM) organized from September 29 to October 2, 2015 in Brazil a training course in emergency medicine by helicopter. It was supported by the French Society for Disaster Medicine, Dr Plotkowski, local coordinator of the training, and the Airbus Foundation. This four-day intensive course was attended by 64 Brazilians (36 doctors, 13 nurses and 15 pilots).

The theoretical part of the training was given by a European teaching staff, with the support of Brazilian practitioners.

The practical part of the training took place with six medical helicopters and their crews who assisted the students in their rescue exercises and demonstrations.

This action is in line with the FAM’s objective: promoting the improvement of public health in the world while enhancing the value of French medicine; it should be noted that French emergency medicine is particularly recognized abroad the world.