In 2017, the Foundation granted High Patronage to the initiative of the association Actions Mongolie to assist in the development of new neonatology technologies in Mongolia.

Actions Mongolie is a Lyon-based non-profit association, law 1901, created in 2001 and recognised as a public interest institution. Its aim is to bring medical assistance to Mongolia. This assistance is provided through the provision of the necessary material, but above all by the training given by voluntary doctors – which mandates actions in the long term.

Since 2004, Actions Mongolie has carried out many missions in this country, particularly in ophthalmology, general medicine, surgery and aid in the development of laparoscopic surgery. All their actions are carried out in collaboration with the Mongolian health system.

Its initiative to assist in the development of new neonatology technologies in Mongolia will be led by Dr Philippe Rebaud – Head of the Paediatrics Department of Hôpital de Villefranche-sur-Saône [Villefranche-sur-Saône Hospital] – in the Neonatology Department of the No. 1 maternity hospital in Ulaanbaatar.

An inventory was carried out on April 2016 by Dr Philippe Rebaud and Ms Elisabeth Charvet, Head Nurse in the Villefranche Paediatric Department. Essential needs were identified:

-Management of respiratory distress in premature and newborn babies: at present, the equipment used only delivers pure oxygen with risks of respiratory and visual sequelae;

-Management of neonatal jaundice: at present, the techniques used are performing poorly, and induce risks of severe encephalopathies and frequent and prolonged re-hospitalisations.


The project’s aim is therefore to improve the care of newborns in intensive care. The project will result in:

  1. The provision of specific materials in each of these areas:

– Non-invasive ventilation devices;

– Intensive photo-therapy tunnels with monitoring and measuring devices for bilirubin.

  1. Training in new techniques for professionals on site, complemented by work placements in France.

Actions Mongolie estimates that around 500 newborns, out of the 650 received by this department each year, will benefit from these techniques.

A project to install the equipment and also an initial training session are scheduled for May 2017. Then the training will continue in Mongolia and France for two years. In November 2016, on a preparatory basis, two Mongolian paediatricians in this department came for a two-week work placement at Villefranche-sur-Saône Hospital.a