Fighting inequalities in access to care

The OPALS foundation

Seltered by the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine

The OPALS Foundation is the result of the pooling of the objectives and means of the Fondation Chirac and OPALS to fight against the scourge of the traffic of counterfeit medicines and to improve access to quality health care for all.

It aims to fight against inequality in health and to relentlessly mobilize in favor of quality medicine for all, by qualified professionals, with approved medicines, controlled vaccines and certified medical devices.

Against the criminal trade in falsified medicines, the OPALS Foundation fights in particular through

Political advocacy, at the highest level of government,

Raising public awareness,

Training of students and health professionals,

Field action, in Africa, in association with OPALS.

The OPALS Foundation is a foundation sheltered by the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine (FAM).


For more information: https://www.opals.asso.fr/faux-medicaments/

Pan African Health Organization (OPALS)

What is it ?

Since 1988, a pioneering association in the fight against AIDS, with the creation of Outpatient Treatment Centers (OTC) for patients in Africa.

Actions in the field in Africa for access to quality health care for all:

• Improving the health of mothers and children

• Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV

• The fight against communicable diseases, including malaria: prevention and treatment.

• The fight against falsified medicines, in collaboration with the OPALS Foundation.


For more information: https://www.opals.asso.fr