On June 5, 2018, the FAM became a shelter foundation. Since then, the FAM has been sheltering, advising and supporting foundations on a daily basis, which include the theme of “health and society”, in order to develop their actions in the fields of prevention, transplantation and surgery.

Why create a foundation sheltered by the FAM?

The FAM is the only foundation recognised as being of public utility to address public health and medical ethics issues in a cross-cutting manner. It is supported by the French Academy of Medicine, which brings together doctors, surgeons, biologists, pharmacists and veterinarians recognised for their scientific work and for the responsibilities they have assumed in the field of health.


You are looking for :

• develop concrete actions on prevention, access to care, dissemination of knowledge or health advocacy?

• set up a humanitarian or field operation with populations in difficulty?


The FAM offers you custom-made support in the management of your project.

You will have access to the knowledge and skills of the academicans members of its board of directors. They will be able to assist you in the theoretical and operational design of your project.

The FAM can be involved in all stages of structuring your project. It offers you the opportunity to benefit from its support regarding the issues raised by your patrimonial, legal, fiscal or human resources environment.

You can free yourself from the management constraints involved in creating a philanthropic vehicle from scratch and concentrate on the essentials: the motivations and cause of your philanthropic project, the governance of your foundation.

The creation of a foundation sheltered by the FAM lasts between 3 and 6 months. To help you structure your approach, the FAM provides you with a document that explains the different stages of the process. To obtain it, write to [email protected].


You can also download our request for approval.

Please return the completed application form by email to [email protected], with the following subject Application form – sheltered foundation


Your personal contact:

Audrey Schmitt