Become a solidarity trailer on the UTMB 2022


In 2020, France recorded 1 200 fewer transplants due to the health crisis.

Nous accompagner, c’est porter la cause du don d’organes et lutter pour un meilleur accès à la santé pour tous.

Since the beginning of its history, the UTMB® has always wanted to combine the energy of the event with a spirit of solidarity.

The race has therefore developed several schemes to raise funds for partner charities. Runners can support one of the partner associations by making a donation of €2,000, paid directly or through patrons (individuals or private individuals).

For the runner, it is the possibility of guaranteeing his or her registration for one of the races (in compliance with the regulations in force).

The Fondation de l’Académie de Médecine has for several years hosted and supported the actions carried out by Greffe de Vie, dedicated to organ donations.

So do like Anthony, Jocelyne, Virginie, Jean-Paul, Pierre-Yves, Fabien, Patrick, Eric, Sébastien, Nicolas, Thierry and Philippe who supported us in 2020!

Supporting us means supporting the cause of organ donation and fighting for better access to health for all.

Practical information

For the runner, taking a solidarity number means guaranteeing his registration to one of the races by making a donation of 2000€ directly to one of the associations supported by the organization (in compliance with the regulations in force). The runner can be supported by the company or companies, the person or persons, of his choice to raise the sum. Donors, companies or individuals, will receive a tax receipt allowing them to obtain a tax deduction of 60% for companies and 66% for individuals.

Registration via a solidarity bib takes place from December 7 to December 19, 2021.


Registration process

– The runner goes to his runner’s space and clicks on “Reserve a solidarity/health/environment bib”, then chooses the association he wishes to support as well as the race he wishes to run.

– The runner and the association receive a confirmation email.

– The association sends a link for the donation to the runner.

– The donor then has 7 days to pay the chosen association 2000 € and thus confirm the reservation of the race number.

– The association informs UTMB® once the payment has been made

– UTMB® then contacts the runner to give him/her the special registration procedure.

If the donation is not made within the time limit, the number will be put back into play.

NB: in case the maximum quota of solidarity race numbers is reached, additional reservations will be put on the waiting list.


Important : A registration via a solidarity/health/environment bib is subject to the same rules as a normal registration (qualifying points, registration fee, etc…) with the difference that the runner does not go through the draw (see the race rules).

The donor will not be able to recover all or part of his donation. From the moment the runner registers, he/she is subject to the same race rules as all the others, including if he/she cancels his/her registration, he/she will be reimbursed a variable amount depending on the date of the cancellation.

If you were a Solidarity runner in 2020 and you have not yet benefited from the priority registration, you will be able to use this priority in 2022 (provided you meet the registration criteria, especially regarding experience points). For those who do not want to, can not use this registration in 2022, they can still do so in 2023.


To reserve your solidarity number, please contact Mr. Charles Sourice


Charles Sourice – +33 7 86 31 31 82 – +33 1 42 02 70 79 – [email protected]

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