Following its cancellation in 2020 for sanitary reasons, the FAM and Greffe de Vie have participated together again in 2021 for the solidarity bibs of the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB).

11 runners participated in this wonderful week where different races followed one another. A huge thank you to all our bibs of this edition, who ran while support high the cause of organ donation.

Anthony, Virginie, Jean-Paul, Pierre-Yves, Jocelyne, Fabien, Patrick, Sébastien, Nicolas, Thierry and Philippe: bravo and thank you for your support.

A big thank you also to the organization of the race and more particularly to the solidarity commission (Jacqueline and Sylvie) for their welcome and their support for more than nine years.

This edition was special because Jean-Paul Delpierre, one of our runners in solidarity, is suffering from Charcot disease. Jean-Paul is a passionate trailer who had always dreamed of doing the UTMB. Unfortunately affected by this incurable disease, his dream was impossible to realize. But his friends and their incredible determination made it possible. Passionate and supportive trailers, they decided to put together a team of 40 trailers to take turns carrying Jean-Paul in a joëlette along the UTMB route and thus make his dream come true. To complete this action and to make it even more solidary, Jean-Paul wished to take a solidarity bib and run in support of Greffe de vie and organ donation.

The FAM and Greffe de vie warmly thank Jean-Paul and all his friends for their exceptional action and solidarity, and for having associated them to this wonderful project.

We would also like to thank the race organizers who made this exceptional participation possible.

We are expecting more and more of you next year for this crazy adventure that will be the UTMB 2022.

Watch the arrival of Jean-Paul Delpierre

Here is the testimony of Jeremy, one of Jean-Paul’s trailers, who explains to us, with this beautiful text, their adventure:

The commitment of a poet is to keep mooring the humanity between men… We have all been poet the time of this human and solidarity adventure. Artist Storyteller of a beautiful story to an amazed public met on the trails. Telling and writing a beautiful page of our life. The love for JP animates us and unites us to carry us and make us turn towards high summits. United against this disease, we told her during this strong moment of friendship that she will not win. As a pilgrimage, we went there! We were there, with our heads in the clouds. Perched and welded on these majestic rocks that it is still complicated to put back foot.

An imaginary still unknown until today. Surveying, climbing this new immaculate road. It was extraordinary, strewn with stars, suns in these sceneries that the mountain offered us. We discovered ourselves to be reeds, pushed to pierce holes in the right places so that the breath of life could pass through and the most beautiful music could come out. The purity of a great generosity in each of us. I could see many stars shining in JP’s eyes and countless smiles shaking my soul. The success was built through the confidence of a man who was so strong by his physical and mental commitment. This hero with a heart of gold! Spending countless hours in this joëlette with this blind trust in our hands. Some brave men in particular, linked by this strong friendship, did not give up. Always present at the front in this ordeal as in life. At the slightest blow of Trafalgar it is the friendship which took the watch. It was friendship that showed them the north and when they were in distress, their arms would call out S.O.S. They were like semaphores. Friends first.

Marked by this adventure I return with a light heart. I have just found a little more meaning to my existence. Wouldn’t it be the notion of happiness that takes shape in front of us. The commitment to bring support and happiness in the lives of others. The awareness that happiness is only real when it is shared. Altruism in this quest for the impossible. To realize that the impossible is in the realm of the imaginary. To make this promise a reality!

What is a solidarity bib?

Since the beginning of its history, the UTMB® has always wanted to associate the energy of the event with a spirit of solidarity.

The race has therefore developed several mechanisms to raise funds for partner charities. Runners can support one of the partner associations by making a donation, paid directly or through sponsors (individuals or private).

For the runner, it is the possibility to guarantee his registration to one of the races (in the respect of the rules in force), and to run for a cause which is close to his heart.

The FAM has been sheltering and supporting for several years the actions led by the Greffe de vie, dedicated to organ donation.

The runner can be supported by the anyone or companies, of his choice to raise the sum. His donors, companies or individuals, will receive a tax receipt allowing them to obtain a tax deduction of 60% for companies and 66% for individuals.