From January 31 to February 2nd 2017 in Mexico

For the first time in Mexico, the French Academy of Medicine Foundation, in cooperation with the Airbus Helicopters Foundation and the Academy of Surgery, organized a training for helocopter-based medical emergencies in Mexico from January 31 to February 2 2017.

During those three days, more than 90 doctors, nurses and first help actors, including 40 military doctors, followed theoretical lessons, presentations and real clinical cases, as well as practical workshops focusing on the helicopter.

Upon completion of the training, the participants had to have acquired the theoretical and practical knowledge required for optimal use of a helicopter in coordinated emergency care.

Prof. Navarro, who attended most of the classes and closed the session, expressed his satisfaction in terms of the quality of the teaching imparted. In the near future, this training should follow the implementation of helicopters in different states in Mexico, with the Academy guaranteeing its quality.

Qualified expert trainers: Prof. Jean-Pierre Auffray, Dr Jean-Cyrille Pitteloud, Dr Stéphane Foucher, Mr Ralph Setz, and Dr Jean-Claude Deslandes.