Our sheltered foundation is involved

against the coronavirus


The « Electrolab Nanterre » Association, supported by the Carac, the French Academy of Surgery Foundation and the French Future Foundation, is mobilizing.

Since the development of the Covid-19 pandemic, the care of Covid-19 patients will be limited by the lack of electric syringe pumps. This device is used to maintain a regular and constant flow of medication or liquids to patients admitted to intensive care.

The lack of electric syringe pumps limits the number of patients admitted to intensive care units, as well as to intensive care units and conventional hospitalization. This situation will worsen in the coming days and continue beyond the crisis as many patients will remain in these critical care facilities. The need is already urgent and immediate. Moreover, we must anticipate this lack in the future: each patient positive for Covid-19 in resuscitation requires on average 6 syringe pumps for the injection of drugs (a syringe pump delivers one drug).

The « Electrolab Nanterre » Association, an association of technical and industrial scientific culture, member of the AMCSTI professional network, has designed a syringe pump using 3D printing, with the support of the Carac (Mutual Savings, Retirement and Provident Fund), the Foundation of the Academy of Surgery, the Foundation for the Future and its Scientific Council.

The four partners are committed to finalizing the prototype. Once the agreements have been reached, trials in a hospital intensive care unit may be envisaged. If the result is positive, the first 50 copies could be made available as soon as possible and will be followed by an industrial production based on the manufacturing plans made available in open source without any commercial benefit.

The ambition of this common approach is based on a dynamic of general interest, mobilising: 2 foundations recognised as being of public utility, 1 mutualist sponsor, and 1 association of young engineers working in solidarity and on a voluntary basis. The objective: to support the deployment of these systems, which are essential to the care teams and the well-being of COVID+ patients, with a view to the responsiveness required by the situation we are experiencing, but without losing sight of the safety of care.

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