After two Forums in India in November 2015 and November 2016, this year, with the support of Université Paris Descartes [Paris Descartes University], Sanofi Pasteur and the French Embassy in India, the Academy of Medicine Foundation and the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) organised a Symposium that presented the new medical innovations against infectious diseases caused principally by mosquitoes.

The aim of this Symposium was to present the epidemiology of vector-borne diseases and the impact of climate change, to analyse the impact and clinical consequences of these diseases, and to study control and prevention measures, vector control and vaccines, among others.

It was officially inaugurated by Prof. Balram Airan, President of the AIIMS, Dr Yves Juillet, Secretary General of the Academy of Medicine Foundation, Prof. Rita Sood, Prof. Sanjeev Sinha, Prof. Dominique Salmon and Prof. François Bricaire.