The Franco-Chinese Forum for Public Health and Medical Innovation

(the Academy of Medicine Foundation’s second event) was held in Beijing on 12 and 13 November 2014. It brought together almost 400 people.

Organised in partnership with the Chinese Medical Association (CMA), it tackled various jointly selected subjects that corresponded to certain current public health issues in our countries: health and the environment, ageing and innovation.

Professor Chen Zhu (President of the CMA), Mr Jean-Marie Dru (President of the Foundation) and Mr Jacques Pellet, the Chief Advisor of the French Embassy in China, opened the inaugural session before signing a tripartite cooperation protocol between the Academy of Medicine Foundation, the French National Academy of Medicine and the Chinese Medical Association.

Before a large audience of doctors, specialists, professors, university students, guests from French companies based in China, and patients, the French Academy participants, Prof. Laurent Degos and Jean-François Stoltz, and the members of the CMA (Prof. Chen Zhu) noted that this renewed Franco-Chinese cooperation is based on a strong historical foundation.

On the subject of ageing, Prof. Jean-Pierre Michel and Prof. Patrice Queneau shared their recommendations in terms of prevention of dependence and of the occurrence of avoidable adverse events especially in elderly subjects. Prof. Yves Levi and Prof. Denis Charpin demonstrated how environmental health risks, such as air pollution, can be measured. They also stressed the importance of preventative measures in the fight against tobacco consumption. Finally, the Forum closed on the theme of innovation, teaching and research in medicine, notably with the participation of Prof. Daniel Loisance and Prof. Jacques Rouëssé on the role of surgery in heart failure and that of personalised medicine in oncology.

The Chinese audience appeared particularly interested in enriching the debate through numerous relevant questions. This Foundation Forum was only made possible through the support of its patrons and partners: primarily Sanofi and L’Oréal, but also the Airbus Helicopters Foundation, the Club Santé France-Chine [France-China Health Club], Servier and the Mérieux Foundation. We send them our thanks.

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