The Academy of Medicine’s Franco-Russian Forum

(the FAM’s fifth event), was held in Moscow on 30 June and 1 July 2016.

As in previous sessions, the Forum consolidated medical relations between France and Russia. Following the invitation from Professor Dedov, a famous Russian diabetes specialist and Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Science, French and Russian experts discussed issues relating to diabetes, the new care of cancer patients and innovations in medical research and education.

These subjects have a particular resonance on the medical scene in both countries. Diabetes is a real public health scourge, giving rise to a wide range of problems: care for patients, the prognosis in high-risk families, the management of pregnant diabetic women, etc. Cancer, which affects our countries in equal measure, now involves new ways of caring for patients; new perspectives are emerging. Treatment of patients is becoming more and more integrated and targeted. Research shows new problems, such as in precision medicine, where mutation does not always prove to be the driver, or in the study of new regulators in the identification of metastases.

These conferences have encouraged the sharing of experience and a pooling of the work and research carried out by the two countries.


These two days of the forum resulted in the signing of a tripartite agreement between the Russian Academy of Science, the Academy of Medicine Foundation and the French National Academy of Medicine. The aim of this agreement is to establish exchanges in the fields of cancer, diabetes and MOOCs. In under six months, a work plan will be established between our two countries.

It is important to remember that this Forum is also and above all aimed at the general public: thanks to live video streaming on our FAMx YouTube page, over 600 people were able to watch the sessions each day. This far-reaching sharing is one of our main missions: solutions relating to Public Health and medical innovations can only be found by raising awareness in populations.

The conferences / first day

The conferences / second day

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Three French journalists accompanied us during these two forum days. You can find the report by Claire Hédon, journalist at RFI/Priorité Santé.