25 Mar 2021


13 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min

Food today and tomorrow, Introductory debate

What is good food? Diets for healthy people

Cycle of debates supported by the chef Olivier Roellinger

In creating its Foundation, the French Academy of Medicine wished to place at the service of society as a whole its unique ability to bring together, on essential health and social issues and around the best French and international experts, all stakeholders, political, medical, scientific, economic and associative. To fulfil its mission, the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine (FAM) has chosen to organise debates based on excellent scientific publications or communications, open to the general public (associations, NGOs, companies, patients) and the media and directly relayed to the public authorities, in particular parliamentarians. In addition to their level, these debates are distinguished from other events of the same type by the benefit of the institutional status and the guarantees of credibility and ethics that are recognised at the National Academy of Medicine.

After a first cycle of debates on « Society & Ageing », and a second cycle in progress on the « Exposome », the first debate of which dealt with « Health risks linked to chemical pollutants », the FAM is initiating a new cycle on « Food today and tomorrow ». This cycle of debates has been developed by Professors Catherine Buffet and Gabriel Perlemuter. Both are members of the commission « Digestive system – Food – Nutrition – Metabolic diseases » of the National Academy of Medicine. The famous Breton chef Olivier Roellinger has accepted to sponsor this cycle and Alain Kruger (journalist, creator and producer of the programme “On ne parle pas la bouche pleine” at France Culture) has honoured us with the honour of leading it. The reflections raised by food are multiple and concern the health of all populations with a paradoxical situation since, according to the United Nations Organisation, in 2018, more than 113 million people in 53 countries were on the verge of famine while more than 2 billion people in the world were overweight. Obesity and undernutrition are two phenomena of malnutrition that now go hand in hand and are linked to poor nutrition.

Introductory debate « what is good eating? »

It seemed logical to us to start this cycle with this theme in order to ask the right questions. During this debate, the theme of balanced diet for good health will be addressed, highlighting the Foundation’s role in preventive actions through its advice on good practices and its support for associations. In this respect, the role of nutris-core in helping people to « eat well » will be discussed. This dietary balance will be applied at different stages of life and in specific situations (sport, pregnancy, the elderly, etc.). Alongside this « academic » balance, certain diets, whatever the motivations behind them, also deserve to be discussed.

Moderated by Alain Kruger, journalist, creator and producer of the programme « On ne parle pas la bouche pleine » (France Culture).

Word of welcome: Pr Bernard Charpentier (President of the French Academy of Medicine), Olivier Bohuon (President of the FAM)

Word from the patron: Olivier Roellinger (chef)

Introduction: Pr Gabriel Perlemuter (hepato-gastroenterologist, nutritionist), Pr Catherine Buffet (hepato-gastroenterologist)

I – Dietary balance for good health at different stages of life

• General, prevention and common sense : Dr Jacques Bassier (general practitioner, specialised in nutrition)
• In children :  Pr Patrick Tounian (paediatric gastroenterologist)
• In the elderly : Pr Jean-Pierre Michel (academician and geriatrician)
• In the sportsman : Dr Christophe Baudot (doctor of PSG), Cyril Torre (CEO of Lsee)
• The place of water in the food supply : Dr Odile Cotelle (consultant at Antoine Béclère Hospital APHP, ex hospital practitioner at Diaconesses Hospital-Paris)
• Does the nutri-score help you eat better? Pr Serge Hercberg (epidemiologist, nutrition and Nutri-Score specialist)
• Technology and startups: eating better tomorrow : Suzanne Gorge (think tank Terra Nova)


II – Influence on health of different types of diets

• Definition of the different vegetarian food models : Pr Jean-Louis Guéant (hepato-gastroenterologist)
• Round table discussion « special diets: protein, detox, ketogenic, gluten-free, trendy diets, fasting, cultural diets (Mediterranean, Asian) : Dr Jacques Fricker (nutritionist), Coralie Béguin (naturopath), Ulrich Genisson (eatfat2befit), Léonard Anthony (practitioner in ecological hypnosis), Pr Antoine Bioy (psychologist)
• Start-up for a new nutritional approach: 1Food1Me: Camille Corman (Founder and President) and Aurélie Boni Tournier (pharmacist specialized in Health Nutrition)

IMPORTANT: due to the health situation, the debate will take place exclusively by videoconference via Zoom. Pre-registration is required in order to receive the link. Once the form has been completed, you will receive the link shortly before the event.

Deadline for registration: 23 March 2021

L'événement est terminé.

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