12 Oct 2020


2 h 00 min - 18 h 30 min

Society & Ageing: restitution conference at the French Academy of Medicine

Under the high Patronage of Mrs Audrey DUFEU
Member of Parliament for Loire Atlantique

In creating its Foundation, the FAM wished to place at the service of society as a whole its unique ability to bring together, on essential health and social issues and around the best French and international experts, all stakeholders, political, medical, scientific, economic and associative.

To fulfil its mission, the FAM has chosen to organise debates open to the public and the media and directly relayed to the public authorities, based on excellent scientific publications or communications. In addition to their level, these debates are distinguished from other events of the same type by the benefit of the institutional status and the guarantees of credibility and ethics which are recognised at the Académie de Médecine.

The FAM were following up on its presentation in June 2019 of the SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies) report on the future of ageing in Europe and its care, to launch a cycle of 5 debates on the situation in France entitled « Society and Ageing » which addressed 5 topics:
Demography and the economy, Falls, sensory disorders and public policies, Taking care of yourself and not fearing the gaze of others, The contribution of new technologies, End-of-life anxiety.

These topics were discussed by academics with sociologists, philosophers, architects, representatives of patient associations, start-ups and companies; and were coordinated by Professor Jean-Pierre Michel, geriatrician, academic and Chairman of the working group which produced the SAPEA report on ageing for the European Union. These debates will be followed by a call for associative projects in 2021 to act on the ground with the beneficiaries.




This meeting enable the analyses and concrete proposals resulting from the 5 conferences to be brought live to the highest level of public decision-makers.

Speakers: Audrey Dufeu Schubert (Member of Parliament for Loire Atlantique), Jean-Marie Dru (President of the FAM), Pr Jean-Pierre Michel, Serge Guerin (sociologist specializing in seniors), Pr Bernard Charpentier (Vice-President of the French Academy of Medicine and Vice-President of the FAM), Pr Marc Revol (plastic surgeon), Pr Jean-Marie Gomas (President of the CEFAMA), Marie-Claire Chain (association Old’up), Sylvain Grevedon (DHR), Nicolas Perrette (Ages&Vie), Pr Christian Hervé (medical ethics), Marie de Hennezel (psychologist specializing in better aging), Pr René Amalberti (French Academy of Tecnologies), Pr Gilles Berrut (co-founder of the Gérontopôle des Pays de la Loire).


L'événement est terminé.

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