“To promote access to the best health care
for the greatest number in the world.”

World-renowned medical expertise and an extensive network: the FAM builds relationships of trust with the Academies of Medicine, Science and Technology and universities in many countries.

A recognized public utility foundation, the FAM’s mission is to federate skills and promote France’s image in the world through healthcare.

It also aims to be a place for sharing knowledge within the French Academy of Medicine through debates on the three major health topics it covers: food, ageing and environment. It carries out field actions to train doctors, solidarity actions and helps associations and researchers through calls for projects.

Its missions revolve around 4 pillars:

The FAM, it is

1,6 million

of masks distributed to 60 associations in France


SAMU helicopters equipped with sanitary bubbles


people gathered for our 4 public health debates in 2021

1 000

trained health care staff



We hope that this WHITE BOOK “Society and Aging” will actively contribute to the evolution of knowledge and behaviors and to the outcome of public policies for the benefit of our seniors, their families and for each of us…

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Why is it difficult to age at home ?

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Call for donations to support health students


⇒ Each year, health students pay between €13,000 and €20,000. Studies last between 6 and 12 years.

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Exposome Chapter III

Knowledge and uncertainties: understand, interpret, dialogue with trust :

It emerged that the progress made has enabled the identification of numerous agents, situations and populations at risk, but the toxicological and epidemiological elements in particular are still too limited to perfectly construct health prevention policie…

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The FAM has chosen to address 4 major global health and social issues at the national level: environment, ageing, food and innovation. It has initiated cycles of debates, monthly meetings for the general public at the French Academy of Medicine to make concrete proposals and recommendations. Academics, experts, doctors, politicians and sociologists thus exchange with associations, start-ups and companies. On a sporting level, the Foundation is also present at the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc through the solidarity bibs. This awareness-raising also takes place through a panel of the FAM’s communication vectors.


The Foundation intends to share the best medical knowledge for the greatest number of people in France and abroad. It organizes debates and conferences on major health and social issues based on 4 main themes: environment, ageing, food and innovation. They are intended to be the starting point (or continuity) for the development of medical cooperation and exchanges with civil society and feed its advocacy work on these major topics. In the field, it trains more than 3,000 health professionals in helicopter emergency medicine in emerging countries in partnership with the Airbus Foundation.


The Foundation proposes to support associative initiatives in the field or to promote scientific projects by organising calls for associative projects, calls for research grants and by giving its high patronage. The objective is to enhance the value of these actions thanks to this label by making them benefit from the aura of the Foundation and the French Academy of Medicine. Some concrete projects resulting from our forums are developed by the FAM. This is the case, for example, of a pilot project to detect hearing problems in young children through a South African mobile application: hearscreen.


On June 5, 2018, the FAM became a Shelter Foundation. Since then, the FAM has been sheltering, advising and supporting foundations on a daily basis, which include the theme of “health and society”, in order to develop their actions in the fields of prevention, transplantation and surgery.



To promote access to the best health care for the greatest number of people in the world, such is the mission that the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine has set itself, with the support of the French Academy of Medicine whose name it bears.

On the strength of the expertise it can offer and its ability to unite public and private partners, such as specialists and the general public, around concrete projects, the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine participates, through health, in promoting the image of France in the world.

The Foundation has four areas of action: sharing knowledge, access to healthcare, raising awareness and sheltering other foundations. With the support of its patrons, it organizes thematic debates and forums. It sets up calls for projects and training courses and assists associations in their development.

Because we are convinced that the major health issues we address can only be dealt with everyone, we create and maintain solid and lasting relationships with all our partners.

Olivier Bohuon