Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ralph

Former commercial helicopter pilot- senior manager at Airbus Helicopters – HEMS Marketing around the world

Ralph has joined the German federal police and became a commercial helicopter pilot with operations in HEMS, public security and utility segment in Germany.
He graduated from the Munich polytechnic university as an aviation engineer. He worked at Airbus Helicopters in various management functions and locations such as Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo for 31 years.
In the last 10 years, he was in charge of the HEMS segment marketing for Airbus Helicopters and met current and potential HEMS operators around the world. As a board director of the Airbus Helicopter Foundation he supported and developed our current „HEMS training – Best Practice Sharing“ and participated as an active trainer in nearly all events from the beginning.
Ralph complements the medical expertise of our trainers by his technical and operational experience about the various helicopters and the countries outside France.