Our 2019 Global Fund Award winner, the NGO Femme Belle, launches its Covid-19 information website.

Mrs Christine Soro, founder of the NGO Femme Belle and the DIGIeWomen School (school dedicated to women on training in digital professions), has launched a website with information on the coronavirus in Gabon:

This site, approved by the Gabonese State, aims at making a synthesis of the Covid19 news and helping the populations on practical information on the pandemic in Gabon, in Africa and in the world.

The data comes from the Ministry of Health of Gabon, of which the NGO and the school are partners, and from the Steering Committee set up to deal with the pandemic with which they work.

The FAM wishes to lend its full support to this solidarity initiative, which is useful in this time of pandemic.

The NGO Femme Belle

As a reminder, during the Sixth Replenishment Conference of the Global Fund in October 2019, the FAM, in partnership with Fondation Mérieux and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, launched a call for projects for startups and associations innovating in access to healthcare to fight the three major pandemics in the world (AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria). The winners were selected by a very high level jury committee and the foundation gives them visibility and scientific and financial support.

The NGO Femme Belle, via its Gabonese mobile application allowing the sending of messages for women living with HIV and prevention to avoid contamination, was one of the 3 winners.

More information here.