The French Academy of Medicine was created by an ordinance promulgated in 1820 by Louis XVIII “…to respond to government requests on all matters relating to public health”.

Its status as a “legal entity under public law with special status”, placed under the protection of the President of the Republic, was confirmed by the law of 22 July 2013.

Today it is composed of 135 full members, 160 corresponding members and 180 foreign members (associate and corresponding) and meets weekly to discuss the latest scientific and medical advances and public health issues. Thanks to its 20 commissions, it studies files at the request of the public authorities and all medical, health and social issues it deems appropriate. The aim is to develop and disseminate recommendations intended for the authorities, health professionals and the population as a whole.

The Academy’s relations with a large number of its correspondents and associates who teach, treat and operate abroad, thus contributing to the international influence of French medicine. The Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine acts here as the spearhead of this influence abroad by encouraging encounters and offering them wide visibility.

For more information, we invite you to visit the website of the French Academy of Medicine.