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Globally, the number of people over 65 will double between 2020 and 2050. The aging of our society is one of the major challenges that we must take into account.

It is in its primary mission to promote access to the best health care for the greatest number of people that the AFM has taken up this subject of major importance in order to provide all the necessary information to help our society to live in harmony with old age and vice versa.

Demographics and economics, risks, sensory disorders and public policies, autonomy, life in society, new technologies, anguish at the end of life, are some of the topics addressed by experts (doctors, sociologists, philosophers, architects, representatives of patient associations, startups and companies) and coordinated by Prof. Jean-Pierre Michel, a geriatrician, academician and Chairman of the working group “Report on Aging” commissioned by the European Union. (SAPEA).

This work should enable public authorities to better understand the realities of aging in order to improve support or care for the best health for all.

We hope that this WHITE PAPER “Society and Aging” will actively contribute to the evolution of knowledge and behaviors and to the outcome of public policies for the benefit of our seniors, their families and for each of us.

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